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Monitoring of reputational risks

Target groups

  • Companies
  • Persons of the public life
  • Consultants

Do you know how your company, products, competitors or employees are being reported?

The public image of a company significantly determines the quality of its customer and supplier relationships. In addition to coverage in television, print and radio, it is above all online news portals, forums and social media that influence the public opinion of a company.

The large number and sometimes high specialization of the online media requires a targeted and continuous monitoring to act in the case of negative events quickly and structured in the interests of the company. Potential negative events include but are not limited to: the company itself, its suppliers and customers, employees, products and competitors of the company.

RepRadar supports you around the clock by automatically searching, analyzing and presenting events that could potentially harm your company. With RepRadar, you are informed about such developments in good time and can initiate appropriate proactive and structured countermeasures.

To achieve this, RepRadar searches the Internet for keywords you have defined and ensures that only relevant information is passed on to you. In addition to mainstream media, special interest pages are also considered.

RepRADAR Online

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Specific search

Adapt the search terms to your needs at all times and use logical search operators (and, or not) to maximize the relevance of the search results.


Include industry-specific sources (for example, specialized forums and information platforms) in your search to expand your thematic search radius.


Organize RepRadar according to your internal structure. Create search profiles for different departments and authorize employees at the organizational level.

Management View

Mark the most relevant events for your business event so that you can see the most critical events with an unconditional need for action at a glance.


The user interface of RepRadar is reduced to the most essential elements to enable a quick start and efficient work.


RepRadar is a web application that you can use regardless of your location on any current browser.



RepRadar visualizes the most recent search results and allows individual sorting and filtering. Search words can be grouped in dimensions and the amount of associated search hits visualized.

xylem.tech - screen
xylem.tech - screen



The RepRadar configuration interface manages the dimensions for grouping the search words, search words, and search sources.