Corporate Social Responsibility
In a nutshell
CSRMAP is an intuitive monitoring and risk management solution for corporate social responsibility (CSR). It enables companies to automatically assess and manage CSR risks for an arbitrary number of products and locations. CSRMAP constantly crawls international news and social media and provides an early warning system for potential CSR incidents which affect the company’s products and CSR reputation. The integrated audit functionality enables companies to conduct factory audits together with external auditors in a single system.
Your Benefits
  • Real-time CSR management
  • Compliance to legal frameworks
  • Early Waring System
  • Comprehensible and solid CSR data
  • Companies
  • Auditors
  • Risk Managers
  • Audit Institutes
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Legal Background
Businesses as well as private customers demand sustainable supply chains and products. Besides the customer pressure, more and more regulations require companies to document and monitor the sustainability of their supply chain. One example is the EU timber regulation which counters the trade in illegally harvested timber and timber products through three key obligations:

  • Prohibition of illegally harvested timber and products derived from such timber
  • Requirement for EU traders who place timber products on the EU market for the first time to exercise ‘due diligence’
  • Requirement for EU traders to keep records of their suppliers and customers

CSRMAP enables you to comply by

  • monitoring the origin of raw materials,
  • matching them against lists of accepted origins,
  • exercising due diligence, and
  • keeping records and risk measures of your suppliers and production facilities.

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Real-time CSR management

CSRMAP measures product-specific CSR risks on a quantitative basis by taking real-time developments (child labor incidents, strikes, natural hazards, etc.), long-term data (corruption index, child labor index, etc.), and audit data into account. The risk calculation is transparent to the user and is adapted to the client’s requirement (e.g., weighting of risk factors).

Compliance to legal frameworks

The documentation and risk identification features of CSRMAP enable you to easily comply with legal frameworks such as the EU timber regulation. CSRMAP automatically checks if the used raw materials come from an accepted origin and if you actually allowed using these raw materials in your production/trading process (endangered species).

Early warning system

By constantly crawling news/social media web sources CSRMAP keeps an eye on the latest CSR incidents throughout the world. As such we provide you an early warning system regarding CSR issues. If there are problems in your production region, there is a chance that your business partners are also affected (e.g. strike in a specific port or corruption cases). With CSRMAP you can intensify your audits to make sure that everything is ok in your supply chain or that you have to replace certain partners.

Comprehensible and solid CSR data

CSRMAP enables you to instantly provide comprehensible and solid CSR data on product level to interested customers, NGOs, authorities, media, and business partners. At the same time you can use the CSR data for your sourcing activities, i.e., finding the right suppliers and production facilities for your supply chain.
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User interface
Web-based and Intuitive Dashboard
The CSRMAP dashboard gives you a quick overview of the products, suppliers, and factories which need most of your attention. It highlights the entities with the highest risk and those with the highest risk delta compared to the past calculation period. Country ratings quickly indicate previous developments in your production regions.
Product-based CSR Risk Calculation
CSRMAP calculates a product-specific CSR risk and shows you which products or supply chains need your immediate attention (e.g., because of a strike in one of your production areas). The product-specific risk is calculated based on the analyzed news/social media including their geographic context, historic audit data for the production facility in question, and general CSR statistics for the region (corruption index, child labor index, etc.). For each product, CSRMAP provides you with details regarding product information, associated factories/suppliers, supply chain information, accepted regions of origins for the used raw materials, and components the product is composed of. The entire data is extracted in an automated way from your ERP – no additional data entry is necessary.
Supplier Details
The supplier and factory details indicate general information, GPS coordinates and associated factories, products, and suppliers. Storing the exact geographic location enables CSRMAP to relate identified CSR incidents to relevant suppliers and factories.
Automated Supply Chain Monitoring
CSRMAP enables an integrated overview of all products, suppliers, production sites and the associated CSR risks. For each of those entities, CSRMAP visualizes the entire supply chain including land routes and departure/destination ports. As such CSRMAP is capable of providing you with relevant incident information along your supply chain (e.g., an upcoming strike at an important port). The calculation method, the weighting, as well as the used input sources can be fully adapted to the customer’s needs.
Region Details
CSRMAP also provides region risk ratings and enables you to visualize your suppliers and factories within a given geographic region. This information is of relevance for finding new and auditing existing suppliers and factories (travel planning support).
Sophisticated CSR Intelligence
CSRMAP automatically collects CSR incident information (such as child labor, strike, corruption, pollution, natural hazards, etc.) from numerous sources (international news and social media) and analyzes if the detected incident affects one of your company’s products, suppliers, production sites, or supply chains. The risk rating for each region is composed of recent CSR incidents and available statistics of the region. The news/social media sources and can be defined as requested by the customer and independent of the used language.
Comprehensive Reporting
CSRMAP provides you with automated risk reports which are required by legal frameworks (e.g., documenting the wood origin and associated orders in the context of the EU timber regulation). For each order, CSRMAP automatically creates a report which indicates from which supplier and which regions you received the wood. In case of an audit, all of the required information can be delivered to the authorities within minutes. CSRMAP uses CSR statistics which are published by widely-accepted organizations, such as the World Bank. In addition, public or company-internal data sources can be easily integrated into the system and the conducted risk calculations.
Raw material documentation
Legal frameworks throughout the world (e.g., EU timber regulation) require companies to document the sources of the used raw materials (timber, stone, etc.). CSRMAP supports you to comply with the legal frameworks by automatically matching the raw material source of your products to lists of accepted origins. For the EU timber regulation CSRMAP uses lists which clearly indicate which wood type can be imported from which countries. If you use wood from non-accepted origins, CSRMAP immediately sets all associated products to a defined risk level and informs you about this issue.
Integrated Audit Functionality
CSRMAP provides a fully-fledged audit functionality which enables you to commission and conduct audits with external auditors out-of-the-box. The audit questionnaires are customized as required by the customer. Besides textual information the auditor can also upload files such as photos or documents directly in the auditing interface. The audit results are automatically incorporated into the risk calculation and enable you to base your further actions on concrete first-hand data.

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