Together with SophiSystems GmbH we started the project CSRmap by September 2, 2013.
The goal of this project is to develop a preliminary version of a tool which supports companies to identify and visualize sustainability risks and to improve sustainability stakeholder communications. Stakeholders expect companies to act in a social and environmentally responsible way. However, these expectations are not only posed against the company itself but also against its suppliers. In multinational companies supply chains are widely spread, which makes it hard for the management to keep an eye on the sustainable behavior of different production sites and suppliers. New technological concepts, like linked open data, text mining and participatory sensing can be leveraged to create new possibilities to collect data about environmental and social aspects in companies in near real-time. This information has immense value when it comes to monitoring and managing sustainability risks. Based on this data, advanced supplier sustainability risk ratings can be computed and displayed on a map, providing the possibility for the management to focus onto high-risk areas, which helps to mitigate the risks, to safe costs and to increase corporate sustainability.