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Research & Development

Research & Development is the basis of our business activity. Together with our numerous research partners, we develop the software products of tomorrow on a national and international level. The strong research affinity allows us to always provide our customers with highly innovative solutions.


Since 2009, we have been researching the application and enhancement of semantic technologies with the aim of making better decisions in complex scenarios. The results have been published in numerous scientific publications and presented at international conferences.

Research results from the fields of machine learning, deep learning and semantic technologies can be found in almost all of our products today and enable us to offer innovative and high-quality software. They form the basis for performing simulations, scenario analyses and forecasts and enable decision-makers to make more efficient decisions - in a wide range of application areas.

National and international climate goals call for novel approaches to improving global energy efficiency. Together with international research partners, Xylem Technologies is working on innovative approaches to collect the required information, to structure it, to incorporate it into calculation models and to make it available to the decision-makers in a comprehensible way.

The products SEMERGY, ECOCITIES and CSRMAP were developed on the basis of the research results, were awarded several times and are among the most innovative products of their kind.



Digitization in agriculture offers far-reaching potential to address many current challenges. By linking processes, equipment and actors, risks can be identified earlier, workflows optimized, resources used more efficiently and productivity increased.
Strong networking of systems must always be considered against the backdrop of targeted attacks and unexpected failures. Technological solutions must be developed and deployed in a way that does not open up new attack vectors.

Our product farming.software is a web-based software platform that provides its users with standardized software modules with defined applications. In addition, individual requirements and scenarios can be implemented in a simple and cost-effective manner.

The software does not take decisions away from its users, but structures the multitude of data available today to provide a sound basis for fast and efficient decision-making. In doing so, the software helps its users to identify and optimize the effects of agricultural measures - with their numerous interdependencies and interactions.