Unser Paper „Supporting complex decision making by semantic technologies“ wurde bei ESWC2020 mit dem Best In-Use Paper Award ausgezeichnet. Danke an die Jury und die Organisatoren, es war eine sehr interessante Konferenz.

Kurzzusammenfassung: Complex decisions require stakeholders to identify potential decision options and collaboratively select the optimal option. Identifying potential decision options and communicating them to stakeholders is a challenging task as it requires the translation of the decision option’s technical dimension to a stakeholder-compliant language which describes the impact of the decision (e.g., financial, political). Existing knowledge-driven decision support methods generate decision options by automatically processing available data and knowledge. Ontology-based methods emerged as a sub-field in the medical domain and provide concrete instructions for given medical problems. However, the research field lacks an evaluated practical approach to support the full cycle from data and knowledge assessment to the actual decision making. This work advances the field by: (i) a problem-driven ontology engineering method which (a) supports creating the necessary ontology model for the given problem domain and (b) harmonizes relevant data and knowledge sources for automatically identifying decision options by reasoners, and (ii) an approach which translates technical decision options into a language that is understood by relevant stakeholders. Expert evaluations and real-world deployments in three different domains demonstrate the added value of this method.