Xylem Technologies establishes a new product line. A digital platform (PaaS) for agriculture. The platform is based on unique technologies that Xylem Technologies has been developing since its founding in 2010 and is continuously refining through research and development projects. The new product line will be available under the domain farming.software.


The system is (physically) modular to allow easy adaptation of the modules to new scenarios.

The web-based implementation means that the system can be used on any end device and can be used regardless of location.

A role-based access system enables the simple and secure assignment of persons to functions.

The system is developed according to the latest security standards. Data is treated as strictly confidential and is never passed on to third parties.

The resolution in the system ranges from individual data points (e.g. 1dm²) to entire districts or countries.

The system is implemented with open interfaces to enable data exchange with other systems and machines.

The system is multilingual. It can be parameterised for any language.

The implementation according to the principle of “Responsive” makes it possible to react to the characteristics of different end devices.

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