Collaborative ontology editing tools enable distributed user groups to build and maintain ontologies. Enterprises that use these tools to simply capture knowledge for a given ontological structure face the following problems: isolated software solution requiring its own user management; the user interface often does not provide a look-and-feel that is familiar to users; additional security issues; hard to integrate into existing electronic work flows; and additional deployment and training costs. This paper aims to investigate these issues. To address these problems, the author designed, developed, and validated a plug-in concept for widely-used enterprise content and collaboration portals. The prototype is implemented as a Microsoft SharePoint web part and was validated in the risk and compliance management domain. The research results enable enterprises to capture knowledge efficiently within given organizational and ontological structures. Considerable cost and time savings were realized in the conducted case study. According to the results of the literature survey, this work represents the first research effort that provides a generic approach to supporting and increasing the efficiency of ontological knowledge capturing processes by enterprise portals.