Under the German Supply Chain Act, the companies concerned must ensure that there are no human rights violations in their direct supply chain (e.g. forced labor, child labor). Failure to comply with the due diligence obligation could result in fines and temporary exclusion from public tenders. The German Supply Chain Act is scheduled to come into force at the beginning of 2023 for German companies with more than 3000 employees and from 2024 for German companies with more than 1000 employees.

CSRmap is a software for monitoring and managing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) risks that has been proven for years. It enables companies to automatically capture and assess CSR risks for any number of their products. CSRmap continuously monitors international online media regarding CSR incidents and links them to the company’s supply chain and product data. It thus acts as an early warning system for potential reputational damage that could arise via your international supply chains.